In order to meet our goals as a performing organization, preparation of the music and attendance at all rehearsals and concerts during the season is crucial for all musicians in the CYO & CYO Chamber Music Program. Please plan to attend rehearsal each week, on time. Musicians will be allowed only one (1) excused absence with a week or more notice, per semester (4 months), without penalty. Additional absences may result in exclusion of the musician from performing at the concert of that concert cycle. Any musicians with three (3) absences during a semester may be required to re-audition for their position in the CYO. Three (3) tardy arrivals constitute an absence. Absences should be brought to the attention of the CYO Admin emails at

Tuition (per student)

  • CYO Tuition – $1050 
  • Chamber Music Program (along with CYO) – $575 
  • Chamber Music Program (only) – $700
  • Registration Fee – $35
  • Audition Fee – $25

Tuition Payment

In order to participate in CYO’s Orchestra or Chamber Music, tuition shall be paid in full by the allotted time outline by CYO. 

CYO Faculty

CYO, in partnership with American Music Institute will be staffed by AMI’s Award Winning Faculty, and the highest caliber professional musicians in the Chicago area.

Pictures & Videos

CYO occasionally uses photographs and videos of CYO students at rehearsals or events for website, social media and promotional purposes. Therefore, I understand and authorize CYO’s use of photographic or video recordings of AMI students for educational purposes on promotional material, internet, and social media.

CYO Concerto Competition

The CYO Concerto Competition is merit based. Eligibility for the CYO competition is only open to all current CYO Youth Orchestra & Chamber Music Program members. Current members who have previously won the CYO Concerto Competition are not eligible to participate in this competition. No contestants will be enrolled in the competition before the registration fee is received. After registering, there are no refunds for cancellation or videos not submitted by the competition date. CYO reserves all rights for all Chicago Youth Orchestra produced and submitted media content.


I understand that failure to attend a weekly scheduled rehearsals does not constitute a lack of receiving services, and only (1) excused absence with a week or more notice, per semester (4 months) is allowed by CYO & CYO Chamber Music Program. No credit or refund will be given for any missed rehearsals or concerts. I understand that I cannot chargeback on my credit or debit card once CYO Tuition is paid, partial or in full, and once is submitted, I understand that tuition is non refundable. In the event that I should withdraw, I understand that I have the right to contest this charge through Chicago Youth Orchestra and that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer.